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A-1A2013-07-04 1:25:58 Separation of School and State: Why is it Necessary? How is it Possible?
Marshall Fritz
A-32013-07-28 1:00:02 Public Schools are a Success
George H. Smith
A-82013-07-28 1:04:54 Fake Rights Can Destroy a Country - Why America Needs the Separation of School and State
Marshall Fritz
A-102013-07-28 1:01:18 A Report Card on Charter Schools - Candace A. Allen; Real Free Market People Favor Separating School and State - Marshall Fritz
Marshall Fritz, Candace Allen
A-112013-08-03 0:58:46 Classical Libertarian Compromises on State Education: Thomas Paine, Adam Smith, and J.S. Mill
E.G. West, Responders: Sheldon Richman, Jacob Hornberger
A-122013-08-03 0:58:20 Why I Fear the Separation of School and State
Richard Mitchell, Responders: Dwight Lee, Paul Cleveland
A-132013-07-18 1:27:28 How Educational Freedom Will Lead to Improved Parenting in Struggling Families
Allan Carlson, Responders: Lon Woodbury, Sr. Renee Oliver, David Wagner
A-14a2013-07-21 0:57:48 Resolved-Tax-funded Education Vouchers Will Impede the Separation of School and State
Candace Allen, Douglas Dewey, Joseph Bast, David Harmer, Rick Henderson
A-14b2013-07-20 0:40:37 Resolved-Tax-funded Education Vouchers Will Impede the Separation of School and State
Candace Allen, Douglas Dewey, Joseph Bast, David Harmer, Rick Henderson
A-152013-07-21 0:57:21 The Logical Tragedy of Benson Vermont, Bullied by school officials, town rejects budget nine times
John Taylor Gatto
A-162013-07-21 0:58:45 Why State Schooling Undermines Character Education
Paul Cleveland, Responders: Sr. Renee Oliver, W. Robert Thompson
A-172013-08-03 0:58:38 Charter Schools: Stepping Stone or Stumbling Block to Separation
Candace Allen, Responders: Michael Williamson
A-182013-07-20 0:47:39 How Separation of School and State Will Improve Education in the Inner City
Allan Carlson, Sheldon Richman, John Taylor Gatto, Robert Woodson Jr, Vernon Robinson
A-222013-09-01 0:59:25 Educators Who Changed Their Minds About State Schooling
Candace Allen, Lon Woodbury, Fred Carpenter, Carolyn Caruth, Steve Dasbach, Eric Ebeling, Katie Levans, Peter McCandless, Pat Montgomery, Ed Nagel, Jack Simons, Gertrude Zvonar
A-232013-08-03 1:07:43 How Separation of School and State Will Help Restore Constitutional Government
Joseph Sobran, Responders: Allan Carlson, Stephen Arons
A-242013-08-03 0:58:29 How Will The Poor Get Better Education Than Today? Who
Marshall Fritz, Responders: Vernon Robinson, Star Parker, Robert Marlowe
A-252013-07-21 1:00:09 Educational Diversity, Civic Harmony & the Rights of Conscience
Stephen Arons, Dorothy Goodman, Responders: Allan Carlson, Dorothy Goodman, Star Parker
A-272013-07-20 0:58:28 Why I Don't Fear Separating School and State
Sheldon Richman, Responders: Stephen Arons, Dwight Lee, Martin Wooster, John Gardner
A-302013-07-21 0:52:14 Tax-funded Vouchers: Good or Bad? Mike Joyce v. Marshall Fritz on Christian Radio
Marshall Fritz, Steve Carr, Andre Travesa, Mike Joyce
A-342013-07-21 0:46:57 When Parents do Their Duty, They Can Exercise Their Rights
Marshall Fritz
A-352013-08-03 1:29:31 How Christians are Harmed by Tax-funded Education
Marshall Fritz
A-362013-07-21 1:27:42 Why Latter Day Saints Should Leave Government-run "Public Schools"
Marshall Fritz, Lehi Sellers
A-392013-07-21 0:52:29 Phyllis Schlafly Interviews Marshall Fritz Live on Radio
Marshall Fritz, Phyllis Schlafly
A-412013-08-03 1:28:42 Mudsill Theory, Jaime Escalante, and the Lancaster Amish
John Taylor Gatto
A-462013-07-21 1:18:57 Debate Resolution: Americans Should Separate School and State
Charles Rice, Edd Doerr, Ron Brandt
A-472013-07-21 0:56:55 The True Purpose of Education
Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J., Responders: R.C. Sproul, Jr., Herb Titus
A-482013-07-21 0:51:35 Drugging Children for Peace and Quiet: ADD & Ritalin Reconsidered
Peter Breggin, Responders: Sam Blumenfeld, Dana Stewart, Andrew Peterson, Jerry Mintz
A-492013-08-03 0:58:47 The Coming Exodus: Why Evangelical Protestants Will Abandon Government Schools
R.C. Sproul, Jr., Joel Belz
A-512013-08-03 1:00:52 How to Help "A.D.D. Children" Without Drugs
Lon Woodbury, Peter Breggin, Andrew Peterson, Pat Farenga, Charles Solis
A-522013-07-21 0:59:03 Why Catholics Need Separation of School and State
Steven Mosher, Responders: David Wagner, Robert Royal, Fran Griffin, Joseph Broadaus
A-552013-08-03 1:00:17 How State Schools Became America's Established Religion and How to Get It Disestablished
M. Stanton Evans
A-572013-07-21 1:00:41 Will We Still be Americans Without Melting-Pot Schooling
Sheldon Richman, Responders: Patrick Fagan, Morgen Gray, Andrew Kern, Tony Snow
A-582013-08-03 0:59:03 Private Vouchers: Si, Government Vouchers: No
Douglas Dewey, Responders: Rohn Ritzema, Joel Belz, Adam Meyerson
A-592013-08-03 0:56:30 How Separation of School and State Helps Break the Poverty Trap
Marshall Fritz, Responders: Dana Stewart, Herb Titus
A-602013-07-21 0:58:20 The Monstrosity of the Teacher-State
Joseph Sobran, Responders: David Hicks, William Murray
A-622013-08-03 0:28:42 Separation - The Ultimate Protection for Home Education
Marshall Fritz
A-702013-08-03 0:54:21 A Separation Lesson from the Slums of Caracas: Healing through Parental Responsibility
Charles Solis, Responders: Dean Clancy, David Pegram
A-712013-08-03 1:27:26 Debate: Government Should Not Dominate Men
Marshall Fritz, Ron Brandt, Barry Lynn
A-722013-08-03 1:27:05 Panel: Can 'Public' Schooling be Repaired?
Cathy Duffy, Ron Brandt, E. Raymond Moore, Don Boudreaux, Charlotte Iserbyt, Fr. Franz Jordan, Jim Woodall, David Mason
A-742013-08-03 0:58:39 Lessons Learned from Four Decades of Proposing Separation
Rev. R.J. Rushdoony, Responders: Sam Blumenfeld, Fr. Franz Jordan, Neil Markva
A-752013-07-21 1:24:55 The Neglected Genius of American Spirituality as a Compass to Navigate the School Mess
John Taylor Gatto
A-772013-08-03 0:48:33 Why Government Schools Fail the Poor: An Inner-city Teacher Reveals Why the Poor Must Have Separation of School & State
Carlo DiNota
A-782013-08-03 0:53:23 How Tax Credits Will Destroy Private Schools
Sheldon Richman, Responders: Tom Miller, Myron Lieberman
A-802013-08-03 0:54:35 Panel: Will Separation Help Revitalize Education for African Americans
Morgen Gray, Carlo DiNota, Launzetta Newsome, Na'Ilah Ali, Jacy Goode
A-842013-07-21 0:57:53 How the D.A.R.E. Program Weakens Your Child
William Coulson, Responders: Sam Blumenfeld, James Bovard
A-852013-08-03 0:58:55 Panel: Self Esteem: Claims of Effectiveness, Assertions of Danger
Fr. Vincent Fitzpatrick, Dr. Michael Edelstein, Steve Kossor
A-862013-08-03 0:53:50 Panel: Why Parents Should Remove Their Children from 'Public' Schools
E. Raymond Moore, Martin Angell, Robyn Miller
A-872013-07-21 0:59:37 How Sex Ed is Leading to
E. Michael Jones, Responders: Marianne Alpha, C.V., Maureen Duran
A-882013-08-03 0:57:32 Sparta, Mussolini, and School-to-Work: The Idolatry of the State
Robert Holland, Responders: John Taylor Gatto, Cathy Duffy, Thaddeus Dombrowski
A-922013-08-03 1:22:13 Should Libertarians Use Welfare to Advance the Cause of Freedom
Marshall Fritz
A-102a2013-07-18 1:00:15 Are "Public Schools" Undermining Most Religious Families? (Part 1 of 2)
Ron Nash, Responders: Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Judy Behnke, Cathy Duffy, Jane Urschel, Yarden Weidenfeld
A-102b2013-07-19 0:53:29 Are "Public Schools" Undermining Most Religious Families? (Part 2 of 2)
Ron Nash, Responders: Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Judy Behnke, Cathy Duffy, Jane Urschel, Yarden Weidenfeld
A-103a2013-08-03 0:46:03 Are Christian Schools Preparing Lambs for Slaughter?
David Noebel, Responders: Phil Stringer, Rohn Ritzema, R.C. Sproul, Jr., Fr. Ganssle
A-103b2013-08-03 0:54:52 Are Christian Schools Preparing Lambs for Slaughter?
David Noebel, Responders: Phil Stringer, Rohn Ritzema, R.C. Sproul, Jr., Fr. Ganssle
A-1042013-08-03 0:59:25 1998 Tocqueville Address: The Trap is Baited
Charles MacKenzie
A-1052013-08-04 1:25:54 Four Competing Solutions to the School Wars
Marshall Fritz, Cathy Duffy, R.C. Sproul, Jr., Arnold Burron, William Dannemeyer, E. Raymond Moore, Martin Angell, Charles MacKenzie, Bill Spady
A-1062013-08-04 0:59:38 Eight-year-old Christian Students v. 40-year-old Humanist Teachers: Salt and Light or Risking a Millstone?
Rohn Ritzema, John Eidsmoe, William Dannemeyer, Fred Foote
A-1072013-08-04 1:03:03 Debate: Private Scholarship Tax-Credits are a Good Step Toward Separation of School and State
Marshall Fritz, Cathy Duffy, Martin Angell
A-1082013-07-21 0:55:16 Are Christian Children Hurt by Being Taught the Bible as "Literature"?
R.C. Sproul, Jr., Arnold Burron, John Eidsmoe
A-1092013-07-21 0:58:58 Why Charter Schools and Tax-Funded Vouchers are Dreadful Ideas
Sam Blumenfeld, Responders: John Eidsmoe, William Dannemeyer, E. Raymond Moore
A-1102013-08-04 0:53:58 How to Make a Good Living in For-Profit Christian Education
Ellsworth McIntyre, Responders: Rohn Ritzema, John Chandler
A-1122013-08-04 0:59:05 Race, Civility, and Education
Emanual McLittle, Responders: Morgen Gray, Ezola Foster, Chuck Foster
A-1132013-07-21 1:01:13 How Education is Corrupted by Evolutionary Dogma
John Mark Reynolds, Responders: Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Fr. Vincent Fitzpatrick, Millie Pogna
A-1142013-08-04 0:54:22 Jean Jacques Rousseau: Fountain of Falsehood, Father of State Schooling
Mary Novello, Charles MacKenzie
A-1162013-08-04 0:50:59 Why Promoters of Sex-Ed Scorn Chastity and Promote "Safe-Sin"
Morgen Gray, Fr. Ganssle, Paul Jessen
A-1172013-08-04 0:30:24 The Promise of For-Profit Schools in Developing Countries
James Tooley
A-1182013-07-19 0:45:01 How State-Backed Accreditation Hurts Education
Phil Stringer, Responders: Rohn Ritzema
A-1192013-07-21 0:56:46 Compulsory Attendance Weakens Families and Hurts Learning
Mary Novello, Responders: Vanita Warren
A-1322013-07-19 0:58:52 Public Schools are WorseThan You Think, Especially in the Suburbs.
Dr. Christina Jeffrey, Responders: Rev. Ed Floyd
A-1332013-08-04 1:16:59 Christian parents should send their children to public school as Christian witnesses
E. Raymond Moore, Mike Crandall, Dr. Drew Allbritten, Marc Stout, Nancy Schaefer
A-1342013-08-04 1:18:25 Christians should fix public schools by fighting unproven programs and bringing back good programs
E. Raymond Moore, Ezola Foster, Nancy Schaefer, Linda Hamrick, Augie Leo
A-1352013-08-04 1:12:49 Christians should remove their children from public school using tax-funded vouchers.
Marshall Fritz, Nancy Schaefer, Glen Delk, Hunter Tison, Nolen Cox
A-1362013-08-04 1:29:01 Christians should remove their children from public school and end federal, state and local government involvement in schooling.
Marshall Fritz, Nancy Schaefer, Drew Thompson, U.D. Roberts, John Roddy
A-1372013-08-04 1:18:57 The Danger of Over-rendering: Should Christians use Caesar's "public schools"?
Marshall Fritz
A-1382013-07-21 1:26:11 Victory without Vouchers I
Marshall Fritz, Responders: Andrew Coulson, David D. Friedman
A-1422013-08-04 1:08:31 How Educational Freedom Saves Children from the "Culture of Death"
Marshall Fritz
A-1442013-08-04 0:48:07 SepSchool Victory Might Be Closer Than We Think
Marshall Fritz
A-1492013-08-04 0:58:08 Euphemisms Mislead, Bluntness Needed
Marshall Fritz
A-1502013-07-21 1:03:14 Attention, Christian Home Educators: Warn Your Family, Warn Your Friends!
Marshall Fritz
A-1512013-08-04 0:52:08 Marshall Fritz on Christian Radio
Marshall Fritz, Will Reishman
A-1532013-07-21 1:17:16 Politics and Education Don't Mix
Marshall Fritz
A-1552013-08-04 0:49:51 Debate: Should Conservatives & Libertarians Support Tax-funded School Vouchers?
Marshall Fritz, Joseph Bast
A-1562013-08-04 0:54:07 Vouchers, Tax Credits, and Charter Schools Have Fooled Christians
Marshall Fritz
A-1572013-07-21 0:47:49 Johnny Has Lost His Mind and We're Losing Our Country!
Marshall Fritz
A-1582013-08-04 0:54:25 A Plan for Victory
Marshall Fritz
A-1592013-07-21 0:44:40 Point of View
Marshall Fritz, Carmen Pate, Cathy Adams
CD-161-12013-07-24 0:25:08 How Can America Ever Get To Honest Education?
Marshall Fritz
CD-1622013-09-01 1:16:32 Does a Century without Honest Education Explain the Decline of American Culture?
Alan Schaeffer, Ed Hurlbutt, Kevin Cullinane
CD-163-12013-07-24 0:36:59 The Homeschool Revolution - Prelude to Taking America Back
Joseph Farah
CD-163-22013-07-24 0:20:58 Q & A of The Homeschool Revolution - Prelude to Taking America Back
Joseph Farah
CD-1642013-07-24 1:19:36 The Trapped Flea Principle
John Taylor Gatto
CD-161-22013-07-24 0:22:55 Q & A of "Trapped Flea Principle"
John Taylor Gatto
CD-1652013-09-01 0:54:45 Research Show Government Schooling Is Hazardous to Christians
E. Raymond Moore, Brian Ray, Daniel Smithwick
CD-1662013-09-01 0:58:40 Grilling by Adversaries
Marshall Fritz, Cathy Duffy, Jonathan Black, James Taylor, Michael Strong, Responders: Ron Brandt, George Archibald
CD-1672013-09-01 0:54:15 Put K-12 Back in the Great Commission & How to Help Pastors Grasp Worldview Thinking
E. Raymond Moore, David Noebel
CD-1682013-09-01 1:02:13 Cut to the Chase: Separation is a Civil Liberty
Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ron Brandt, Jonathan Black
CD-1692013-09-01 0:50:47 "Get the Kids Out" — Status Report for Southern Baptists
T.C. Pinckney, Ed Gamble, Bruce Shortt
CD-170-12013-09-01 0:30:54 Sharing Threatening Ideas Without Offense
Bob Burg
CD-170-22013-09-01 0:46:19 Building a Volunteer Culture of Truth, Encouragement and Courtesy
Marshall Fritz
CD-1712013-09-01 1:04:43 Danger! You are Being Protected!
Joseph Sobran
CD-1722013-09-01 1:19:11 Speculations: What Might Education Look Like When The Government Isn't Involved?
Cathy Duffy, Brian Ray, James Taylor
CD-173-12013-07-24 0:44:27 Judging the Fruits of Secular Statist Education
Michael Farris
CD-173-22013-07-24 0:10:47 Dr. Tim & Beverly LaHaye Present the 2004 Alexis de Tocqueville Award
Dr. Tim LaHaye, Beverly LaHaye
CD-1742013-09-01 0:46:05
  • Wilberforce Awards to Exemplary Volunteers
  • Deep Digger Award To Samuel Blumenfeld
  • Presentation by Tim & Beverly LaHaye of the 2004 Alexis de Tocqueville Award for Excellence in Advancing Educational Freedom to Michael Farris
    Sam Blumenfeld, Michael Farris, Dr. Tim LaHaye, Beverly LaHaye
  • CD-1762013-09-01 0:56:54 Round Table - Debate on Scholarship Tax Credits
    Marshall Fritz, Randy Kutz
    M-12013-07-21 0:42:32 Are Liberty and Atheism Compatible?
    Marshall Fritz, Walter Block, Jacob Hornberger, Mary Ruwart, Paul Schmidt
    108012013-08-25 1:15:34 Part 1: From Mystery to Mastery: Tools, Skills & Strategies
    Marshall Fritz, Michael Cloud
    108022013-08-25 1:27:11 Part 2: Is Asking the Answer? Are Questions the Solution?
    Marshall Fritz, Michael Cloud
    108082013-08-25 1:10:30 Explaining Separation of School and State
    Marshall Fritz
    AS-12013-08-07 1:14:29 From Mystery to Mastery: Key Tools, Skills and Strategies
    Marshall Fritz, Michael Cloud
    AS-102013-08-07 1:01:40 The Real Story of the Great Depression and The left-right spectrum is a myth
    Marshall Fritz
    AS-132013-08-07 0:27:01 "Sin" as a Metaphor for Anti-Freedom Attitudes
    Marshall Fritz
    AS-372013-08-07 0:59:26 The Ransberger Pivot
    Marshall Fritz
    AS-442013-08-05 1:04:02 Liberty, Strategy & Victory
    Marshall Fritz
    AS-522013-08-07 0:42:58 Recognizing Communications Turnoffs
    Marshall Fritz
    AS-CD-582013-08-25 1:00:47 How to be Interviewed
    Marshall Fritz, David Bergland
    AS-602013-08-07 1:25:48 Become a Public Speaker
    Marshall Fritz, Philip Mitchell, David Bergland
    AS-622013-08-07 0:45:15 Beyond Left — Right (univ. upper division)
    Marshall Fritz
    AS-73a2013-08-07 1:28:35 Drug Re-Legalization
    Marshall Fritz, Ray Ransberger
    AS-3152013-08-07 0:54:58 How to Sell Separation of School and State
    Marshall Fritz
    LPM-022013-11-04 0:36:43 Welcome Home - Keynote Address at the Libertarian Party National Convention, June 30, 2000
    Barbara Goushaw
    LPM-012013-11-04 0:36:42 2000 Libertarian Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech
    Harry Browne

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